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Are you an aspiring model brimming with enthusiasm, vibrant attitude and charm? Gear up to welcome the much awaited break on a platform.

Mr. and Miss. Indywood, is an exclusive beauty pageant which is provides an exclusive opportunity to young and enthusiastic individuals to step into the world of Glamour. Contestants are required to go through different stages of filtration processes bound by stringent rules and regulations, assessing their skills and excellence in various talents.

Mrs. Indywood is a new addition to the contest, which shall acknowledge and uplift the potential in married women. Focusing on the “sheroes” of everyday life who are left unnoticed after marriage, Mrs. Indywood is expected to be a life changing experience for the participant providing them with infinite confidence, youthfulness and also as a reminder to explore the infinite opportunities world has to offer.

This year the event will witness various special categories which open new avenues for Kids, Teens and Plus Size models to unveil their modeling talents and become faces of the glam world.

The event shall also offer networking opportunities and immense exposure the contestants to meet and be groomed by the experts of the industry. So, take that first step to fame and Register now!

Indywood Talent Hunt

The Talenthunt is a journey with a unique combination of entertainment, joy, competition, sportive spirit and learning. This is what made it a successful event in itself. Visit